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My name is James Dimeas and I am a criminal defense lawyer who is based out of Chicago, Illinois.  I handle criminal cases throughout Cook County, DuPage County, and Kane County.  I have spent the past 25 years concentrating my efforts in criminal cases.  In my 25 years of handling criminal cases, I have developed an understanding and appreciation of the importance of my work. My efforts to ensure that the Constitutional Rights of my clients are maintained, preserved, and protected is critical to the health of our democracy and our way of life. Not only is it my duty to the Constitution, it is also the duty that I owe to each and every client that I have represented, and will be honored to represent in the future.  It is a solemn responsibility that I do not take lightly.

I understand what it's like to be facing criminal charges. I understand what it's like to face the possibility of being sent to prison and having your life ruined.  I understand that once you decide to hire me you are placing your trust in me to be there for you.  You are counting on me to protect you and fight for you.  I realize what's it's like to know that you are facing the awesome power of the government.  I know that this can be overwhelming. When you walk into court you will realize that the police, prosecutors, and judges are all being paid by the government. Even the members of the jury, the people that will ultimately decide your guilt or innocence, are being paid by the government.  The only person that is there for you is your lawyer.  I fully understand that. That’s one of the reasons that I became a criminal defense lawyer.  That's why I owe it to you to focus my full attention on handling criminal cases only.  I have a duty to do my best for you and be the best criminal defense lawyer possible.  I do not believe I can do that by trying to be the best divorce lawyer or real estate lawyer at the same time.

I also realize that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  When you call me to ask a question, you deserve to speak to me, not my secretary or my legal assistant, but speak to me. When you send me a text message with a question, you deserve a response to that text message from me.  That's why I will give you my personal cell phone number and personal email address.  You can call me, send me a text message or email me anytime if you have a quick question that needs to be answered.  I always put myself in my client's shoes.  I always ask myself this question:  How would you like your lawyer to treat you if you were facing criminal charges?  The basic notion that you should always treat others the same way that you would want others to treat you has always served me well.

In all the criminal cases that I have handled in the past 25 years, I realize that one of the most valuable resources available to help me do my job is you.  I will need your assistance and your cooperation.  The best way to get your assistance and cooperation in helping me obtain a successful resolution of your case is to make sure that you are informed about your case and understand what is happening from beginning to end. When you understand what is happening and what the plan is, you can give me the information I need to help me fight your case.  Any attorney who ignores his client's questions or ignores their phone calls and text messages, is not only hurting their client, but is hurting their chances of winning the case.  My 25 years of focusing on criminal cases has given me this unique perspective which is one of the main reasons behind my success and my accomplishments.

Practice Areas

I handle all criminal cases throughout Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County.  I also handle criminal cases in Federal Court.  Some of the main types of criminal cases that I handle are:


I grew up on the northwest side of Chicago. I am a 1985 graduate of Gordon Tech High School.  I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in 1989 with a Bachelor's Degree.  I spent 3 years living in Lansing Michigan, attending and graduating from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in 1992.  I passed the Bar Exam the same year and became a licensed lawyer shortly after.  I immediately started working in the Loop, trying cases in front of juries and judges in downtown Chicago.  In 1995 I started my own Law Firm, The Chicago Lawyers Group, on the northwest side of Chicago. A few years later I started my current firm in the same location in the city.

I have handled several high-profile cases in Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County in the past 25 years.  I have been quoted in numerous newspaper articles and been interviewed on television news broadcasts a few times for the cases that I have handled.  I've been interviewed by reporters and have been quoted by journalists in articles written about various legal subjects.  I'm a published author. In 2012, I authored Chapter One of a book that helps teach lawyers on how to properly represent people charged with the crime of Identity Theft.  I have also been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as a top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyer. This honor is only reserved for the top criminal defense attorneys in the country.  In 2017 I was recognized by Expertise as a Top 20 Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago.  I have a “Superb” rating from AVVO, the national organization that rates all the attorneys in the United States, the highest rating possible. In 2017 I was recognized as a Best DUI Lawyer.  I have been recognized as one of the best criminal lawyer in Chicago.

I am licensed to practice law by the Illinois Supreme Court and am also licensed to practice in the Federal District Court for the 7th Circuit. I am a member of the Federal Trial Bar in the 7th Circuit. To try a case in Federal Court in Chicago, you must be admitted to the Federal Trial Bar.  You are required to meet stringent requirements and your application is reviewed by a Panel of Federal Judges who must be satisfied that you meet their strict requirements.  I have appeared in federal court as far away as Las Vegas Nevada.

I have been named a "Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer" by The National Trial Lawyers.  I have been named a "Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago" by Expertise and a "Best DUI Lawyer."  The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys named me a "10 Best Attorney for Client Satisfaction." AVVO, the nation's leading organization that rates all of America's lawyers, has rated me "Superb," the highest rating possible.

I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life.  I am happily married to my wonderful wife and we have a teenage son and live in the Northwest suburbs.  I have coached Little League Baseball, and served on my son’s High School Advisory Council. I am an avid fisherman and am a rabid Cubs fan.

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I am always available to talk to you about your case. I will listen to you and I will tell you what you are facing and what I can do to help you.  I will be honest with you I will answer your questions and let you know what I can do for you. You can contact me anytime to discuss your case. I can always be reached at 847-807-7405.