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Highly Experienced and Effective Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer for Felony and Misdemeanor Cases in Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County.

I have been a Schaumburg Criminal Lawyer for 25 years. Unless you have been placed under arrest and faced criminal prosecution, you have no idea how terrifying facing criminal charges can be. I am constantly reminded of how serious my obligation is when I look in the faces of the people that I represent. I know what they are going through and understand that when they hire me to be their lawyer they are counting on me to guide them through the process and to obtain a successful result for them. These are people with families, jobs, futures, and other people depending on them.

I tell my clients that they need to understand that the police are not there to help them. The police are there to do their job and make an arrest and close the case. If you are being questioned by a police officer you need to understand that the police officer is not there to help you. And the police officer knows that you are scared and that you will do anything to go home.

So the police will make you promises, play on your fears and your hopes, to get you to talk to them. The police will sometimes lie to you to get you to talk to them. Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has said that this is perfectly legal and acceptable police procedure. But if the police start questioning you and you immediately demand to speak to an attorney, the US Supreme Court has said that the police must stop all questioning of you. That's why you should immediately demand to speak to a lawyer if the police start questioning you.


You should understand that when you are being investigated by the police, your freedom and your future could potentially be on the line. Anything you say can be used against you later on in court. The police may tell you this but you really need to understand how important this is. You don't know what the police are doing and what they are investigating so you don't know what your answers will mean and how they could be used against you later on to make it sound and look like you are guilty of a crime. That's why the best course of action is to demand a lawyer.

25 Years of Unparalleled Success as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer James G. Dimeas has spent the past 25 years focusing on handling criminal cases in Cook County, DuPage County, and Kane County. He has handled cases in federal court in Illinois and has appeared in federal court as far away as Las Vegas Nevada. Most people who are facing criminal charges do not really understand how the criminal justice system works. James Dimeas understands that helping clients understand the process is critical to the successful representation by a lawyer. For that reason, James Dimeas will give you his personal cell phone number so that you can call him directly if you have any questions. Schaumburg criminal attorney James Dimeas will explain what he is doing, what is happening in court, and what the strategy is to win your case.

Chicago criminal defense lawyer James Dimeas is highly respected by other criminal defense attorneys and is not afraid to take on the police and prosecutors so that he can clear his client's name and keep their records clean.

Chicago criminal defense attorney James Dimeas has been recognized for his exceptional skills and accomplishments. He has been recognized by the following organizations:

  • James Dimeas has been rated “superb”, the highest classification by AVVO, the organization that rates every attorney in the nation.
  • Has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers. This designation is only reserved for the “best of the best” and only for a very few distinguished attorneys.

Chicago criminal defense attorney James Dimeas is committed to protecting the rights of criminal defendants. James Dimeas has committed is legal career to defending the rights of individuals who are being prosecuted by the government. Mr. Dimeas believes that everyone has a right to their day in court and has a right to be properly defended when they are being accused of committing a crime. He understands that he has a duty to communicate with his clients and to make them understand what is happening and what will happen. Schaumburg criminal lawyer James Dimeas understands that it's important for the lawyer to work with a client and to work for the client's best interest.

Individual Attention to Your Criminal Case

Every criminal case presents its own unique challenges that require the unique legal skills that only an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide. Chicago criminal defense lawyer, James Dimeas, has developed the skills necessary to properly evaluate a case and to develop strategies that have been proven to win cases. The skills and strategies used by James Dimeas have been developed and improved over 25 years of focusing all of his time on only handling criminal cases throughout Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County. Mr. Dimeas has also developed personal relationships with Judges and Prosecutors that makes it possible for him to have honest discussions with the major players in the Criminal Justice system that he uses to obtain the best results for his clients. The ability to have these connections is based on the credibility that he has developed over his long and accomplished career of handling criminal cases throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It’s the kind of credibility that causes other criminal lawyers in the Chicago Metropolitan area to ask Mr. Dimeas for advice on how to handle their cases.

Experienced and Proven Defense Strategies

Mr. Dimeas will evaluate your case and develop a defense strategy that will apply to your individual case. Depending on the facts of the case, Mr. Dimeas will attack the state’s case to start the process of making the criminal charges disappear. Some of the strategies that James Dimeas has employed in Criminal cases in Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County involve:

  • requiring the State to prove probable cause to pull over a motorist;
  • challenge the search of a motor vehicle and seek to suppress any evidence seized as a result of a search of a motor vehicle;
  • challenge the legal admissibility of any statements you made that the state is attempting to introduce in court in your case;
  • challenge the legal sufficiency of a search warrant;
  • if the police did not have a search warrant to search your residence, challenge the search of your residence and require the State to prove that an exception to the requirement that they have a search warrant to search your residence existed;
  • challenge the legal sufficiency of lineup identification;
  • challenge the collection efforts of evidence obtained by the police;
  • challenge the scientific evidence, such as fingerprints and DNA evidence;
  • challenge the chain of custody of the evidence sought to be used against you in Court;
  • challenge the legal sufficiency and validity of the legal statute under which you are being prosecuted;
  • attack the credibility of the eyewitnesses;
  • attack the credibility of the police officers by exposing inconsistencies in police reports;
  • expose racial bias and profiling with the police;
  • keep the state from proving every element of the crime that you are being charged with.
Beware: Make Sure You Hire a Real Criminal Defense Lawyer

The recent economic crisis has affected the legal profession. The declining number of real estate closings and the online Legal services websites have impacted the legal profession. Stuff that you needed a lawyer to do can now be done by ordering a form and packet online and doing yourself. Motor vehicles have become safer so there are fewer car accidents. This means that there are fewer and fewer personal injury lawsuits being filed. All of these changes have caused many attorneys to turn to criminal cases to help generate income. Many lawyers who now hold themselves out as Criminal defense lawyers simply do not have the experience to handle criminal cases. It's not their fault. They are just trying to earn a living in difficult times.

Chicago criminal lawyer James Dimeas is not one of those lawyers. Mr. Dimeas has always been a criminal attorney and will always practice criminal law. He works in the same courthouses throughout Cook County, DuPage County and Kane County that he has been working in for decades. He is a familiar face in the criminal courts and does not need to ask for directions or advice on how to handle any criminal case.

Often, the most critical factor in determining whether you will have a successful resolution to your criminal case is if you are being represented by a good criminal defense lawyer who knows what they are doing. Chicago criminal lawyer James Dimeas gives you that winning factor. He is that experienced criminal defense lawyer who will stand up for you and give you the best chance to have a successful resolution of your case. He knows what he is doing and understands what the consequences are that you are facing. He will guide you through the process and only do what is in your best interests.

Chicago criminal defense attorney James Dimeas can be reached anytime at 847-807-7405 for a free and confidential consultation.

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