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Violation of Probation Trial in Kane County - Not Guilty

People v. TW - My client was on probation for a felony drug case in Kane County. My client lives in Elgin. My client's ex-girlfriend also lives in Elgin. In October 2018, my client was arrested by the Elgin police and was charged with a Felony Aggravated Domestic Battery and a Misdemeanor Domestic Battery. After his arrest, the Kane County State's Attorney's Office filed a Petition to Violate his Probation. The State made an offer that involved a 5-year prison sentence for the Violation of Probation and for the Aggravated Domestic Battery and the Domestic Battery. The State's offer was rejected and the State elected to proceed with the Violation of Probation first.

The criminal charge of Domestic Battery, or Domestic Violence, while it's a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois, it is considered one of the most serious Misdemeanors in Illinois. Domestic Battery carries a maximum punishment of up to one year in county jail and a maximum fine of $2,500. What makes a Domestic Battery an especially serious Misdemeanor in Illinois is that if you are convicted of a misdemeanor Domestic Battery, you can never expunge or seal the case from your record. The lowest possible sentence for a Domestic Battery in Illinois is Conditional Discharge, which is considered a criminal conviction. A Domestic Battery conviction can never be expunged or sealed from your criminal record. You can be guilty of a Domestic Battery if you make physical contact with a family member that results in physical harm to the family member. You can also be guilty of a Domestic Battery by simply making physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with a family member.

An Aggravated Domestic Battery is much more serious than a Domestic Battery. An Aggravated Domestic Battery is a Class 2 felony which carries a maximum punishment of between 3 to 5 years in the penitentiary. You can receive probation for an Aggravated Domestic Battery, however, if you are convicted of an Aggravated Domestic Battery, you must serve a minimum of 60 consecutive days in jail. This 60-day minimum jail sentence cannot be waived or excused by the prosecutor or the judge. There's two ways that you can be guilty of an Aggravated Domestic Battery. The first way that you can be found guilty of an Aggravated Domestic Battery is if the victim was unable to breathe even for a second. This type of Aggravated Domestic Battery is commonly referred to as "strangulation".  The other type of Aggravated Domestic Battery involves cases in which the there was great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to the victim.

A hearing for a petition alleging a Violation of Probation, is much easier for the prosecutor to prove than a trial for a criminal charge. In a Violation of Probation hearing, the Rules of Evidence are relaxed. If you are being charged with a Violation of Probation, you are not entitled to a jury trial. In a Violation of Probation hearing the state has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence, more probably true than not true, that you violated the terms of your Probation. In a trial for a criminal charge, you have the right to have your case decided by a jury. In a criminal trial the prosecutor has the burden of proving that you are guilty of each and every element of the crime that you are being charged with Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. When the state has a criminal case and a Violation of Probation pending, it is common for the state to proceed with the Violation of Probation first because it is easier for them to prove a Violation of Probation than it is to prove a criminal charge.

In this case, the prosecutor was claiming that my client struck his ex-girlfriend repeatedly and strangled her at least twice. The State was claiming that my client went to his ex-girlfriend's house looking for a gun that he had left behind her garage. My client's ex-girlfriend told the police that she encountered my client when she was throwing out the garbage. The ex-girlfriend claimed that when my client could not find his gun, he became angry and was threatening her to get her to tell him where she put his gun. The ex-girlfriend testified that my client was claiming that her brother had taken the gun. The ex-girlfriend testified that after a few minutes, the defendant took her to a friend's apartment a few blocks away. The ex-girlfriend testified that when she went to the friend’s apartment, there were two females and a male inside the apartment. While inside the apartment, the ex-girlfriend testified that my client repeatedly battered her and strangled her while trying to get her to admit that she, or her brother, had taken his gun. After about an hour, the ex-girlfriend testified that my client took her back home. The ex-girlfriend testified that the other three individuals followed my client's car back to her home. When they arrived back at her house, the ex-girlfriend testified that they were met by her brother outside the home. Before my client left, the ex-girlfriend testified that he hit her one more time.

While cross-examining the ex-girlfriend, I was able to point out several inconsistencies in her testimony and in the statements that she made to the police officers who arrived at the scene and interviewed her.  I was able to point out that the ex-girlfriend told the police officer the exact make and model and color of the gun that my client was supposedly looking for. The ex-girlfriend claimed that she did not tell the police this information but that the police officers were able to determine what the gun was based on what they found behind the garage. I was able to get the police officer to admit that all they found in the garage area was a gun cleaning kit and that his police report contained the information concerning the gun because the ex-girlfriend gave him this information. I was able to introduce social media pictures showing the ex-girlfriend's brother holding a gun that looked similar to the gun that she claims my client was looking for. In the social media pictures, the ex-girlfriend’s brother is clearly seen holding the gun and pointing it towards the camera.

I called one of the girls and the male that were inside the apartment to testify. After the police were called to the scene of the ex-girlfriend’s house, they went to the apartment and tried to talk to the female witness. The female witness refused to talk to the police. However, she came to court to testify on behalf of my client. She testified that she did not want to talk to the police because she did not know why they were there and that she has a deep distrust of the police. She testified that nothing happened inside the apartment. She testified that there was no strangulation, or any violence whatsoever. The male that was in the apartment also testified that nothing happened inside the apartment. The male that was inside the apartment testified that he went back to the ex-girlfriend’s home with my client and were encountered by the ex-girlfriend’s brother who came out of the house wearing a winter coat on a warm evening and had his hands inside of his jacket like he had a gun on him.

After hearing all of the evidence and all of the arguments, the Court ruled that the state had failed to prove the allegations in the Petition for Violation of Probation and dismissed the petition against my client.

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I got into an argument with my ex-boyfriend. One thing led to another and when he came close to me I pushed him away. He called the police and when I spoke to the police I told them that I pushed him without realizing that you don't have to hit someone to be charged with a Domestic Battery. Being arrested was terrifying. I spoke to several attorneys who promised they would win the case and were charging a ridiculous amount of money. A friend referred me to James Dimeas. He was straightforward and honest with me and charged me a very reasonable and affordable fee. He got me into the Kane County Deferred Prosecution Program. I successfully completed the program and I just received paperwork in the mail that the case has been expunged and completely removed from my record. I highly recommend Jim Dimeas. He is an honest and straightforward lawyer that will look out for your best interests. E.A.
Had a DUI and hired a lawyer who lived in my building that I knew for years and trusted. Thought he was my friend. Paid him (more than I should have) and he handled my case for almost a year and totally screwed it up. I fired him and found out that he had given up his law license around the time I hired him. A friend recommended James to me and he took over my case and handled it the way it should have been handled from the beginning. I cannot stress how HIGHLY I recommend James Dimeas. I wish I would have hired him from day one. He answered all my calls and text messages and cleaned up a royal mess that had been created by the previous guy that I thought was a lawyer. I consider James to be a friend and recommend him to all of my friends. What a great lawyer and an even better guy! J.P.
I had been accused of doing something, by my then wife, that I did not do. I was 100% innocent and was at the lowest point in my life. My mother told me to call James Dimeas. Her friend recommended him to her. James fought for me in court and refused to back down, even when the prosecution offered to lower the charges and make me plead guilty. I refused to plead guilty to something I did not do. The case went to trial and James won my case. I was found not guilty because I was NOT GUILTY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JAMES DIMEAS! Not only is he a great lawyer, but he is also a great human being. The truth shall set you free! C.D.
James Dimeas is a great lawyer who knows what he is doing and will guide you through every step of the process. He will go above and beyond what he needs to do to help you out. Sometimes I would text him in the evening or the weekend with a question and he would always respond. Really made me feel like he cared about me. When we went to court he tore apart the girl that was making false allegations against me and he won my case. That was one of the greatest day of my life. If you need legal help, the only lawyer should call is James Dimeas. Highly recommended! E.L.
I am so lucky to have stumbled upon this great attorney. I made a really stupid mistake at the worst time. I needed to get a case dismissed within 2 or 3 weeks so I could join the military. I could not leave for Basic Training until the case was dismissed and Jim made some calls and got the case dismissed. What a great guy. I’m so lucky I found him online and called him! Somebody was looking out for me. J.S.